Electricity it plays an important role in the organization, Industries, Business , Domestic and daily life. Now look into your Electrical Power Bills and learn about. . .  . 


Power Consumption Monitoring is no longer an ‘Option’,



Enter Power Data

Just login through mobile enter the data every time to manage electrical data  an automated and intricate technology managing to make a breakthrough in the world of Online data. 


Monitoring data is important to control  the power consumption and smooth running of Electrical Operations, Let us start to monitor from anywhere - our industry - firm and business malls

Save Data

It is an important to save data monthly, and yearly for maintaining records, this helps to download data any time for submit to concerned departments.  It helps to realtime monitoring

1. Manage Data anywhare
2. A Simple Web Application
3. Simplify your data management
Helping you to smooth running Electrical operations

We are ready to help you to Manage the Electrical Power data through our online tools gives you smooth-running operations. Reducing the Power bills,  Voltage Fluctuations, prevention of fire accidents. Cable failures and many more......

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      We are proud to give this application to every electricity power users, because of some of them don’t know about the power bills which generated by the Electrical Boards, In Electrical Engineering some points critical to understand like Power Factor (PF), Maximum Demand (MD), Voltage, Current, Loads. Our technical team gives you the best advice to you to maintain the PF (Power Factor) and guide you to know power bills. 

    Energy management is the process of tracking and optimizing energy consumption to conserve usage in a building. There are a few steps for the process of energy management: Collecting and analyzing data continuously. Identify optimizations in equipment schedules, setpoints and flow rates to improve energy efficiency.

 Energy conservation is an effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service. This can be achieved either by using energy more efficiently or by reducing the amount of service used. Energy conservation is a part of the concept of Eco-sufficiency