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Electro Power Management


''Know Your Electricity with the help of  ELECTRO''

''Control and Minimize the Power Bills''

1. Why this software?

Ans.   Yes, This is a very important question for before you start this.It is a real-time data management of electricity now we are just recording in this               software hourly, daily weekly, or monthly. Whenever you want  to see your saved data need these last two or more years of consumption data.

2. Why we electrical data maintain?

Ans.   It is very important to know before using this web application. When we enter the data into this site data will save automatically. These records             can help you to the monitoring of consumptions at the same time you can find what’s going on electrical operations.

3. Is it possible to maintain this application anyone?

Ans. Yes, it is possible with your smartphone/Laptop/desktop just entering data in this application, just learn how it is working thorough our tutor                 video.

4. Why record the Power consumptions daily?

Ans. This is very important to know the Power consumption data in everyday operation if it is high on a particular day/hour monitor yourself and                   plan to control the overloads.

5. Why Generator readings record?

Ans.  Generators are commonly used for power back up at the time of power failure when Generator runs consumed the diesel. Nowadays Fuel is very precious so we record data every time for consumption of diesel, very simple to know the consumption of diesel to track the records and plant to maintenance schedules for the smooth running of generators.

6. Why LOAD DATA readings record?

Ans. Loads are very different in various equipment if we record the Load data in the Load Data Form to know the overloads and their conditions of equipment. For example, we record the Generator load to know the loads how we distributed in each phase.